Hot take on the bible

I posted this in my telegram chat the other day.

I think the Bible for regular folk is over-rated.  I’ve been part of hundreds of book discussion sessions covering dozens of different books.  Almost no-one can read and interpret a simple text, let alone the Bible.  

There is a reason the mass should be in Latin and the Bible stories gotten from stained glass and such.

This may be heresy, but the way I see it, the Bible is a compilation of the archives of the early church that was agreed upon, compiled, bound, and circulated.  Many crucial teachings.  Others maybe not.  For the church of what’s happening now on the corner to dig in on Romans 5 or whatever is absolutely gnostic bullshit.

So, rather than figure out what the word we translate as meek means, or whatever hairsplitting you want to engage in, just spend that time praying that God’s will be done.

1.   You’ll never figure out the Bible.  Even if you do the whole point is…..


I think the crucial part of what I’ve come to believe about this is, 
You’ll benefit from reading the Bible but not in any way you were taught.

Also, I’m not advocating for leaving the reading and interpretation of the Bible to experts like all the protties cry, stupidly.  I KNOW THEY CAN’T READ IT EITHER.

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