More on how to combat evil

I’ve been obsessed with metaphysics lately.  All problems are essentially metaphysics.  Edward Feser says in his book, Scholastic Metaphysics, “Metaphysics wears the pants.”  ‘Tis true. Metaphysics being prior to all problems AND being embroiled in an ideological conflict, that conflict is actually metaphysical. Understanding the metaphysics behind the opposition is crucial to winning. Evil is the …

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The Four Causes

In his Metaphysics Aristotle gave us four causes. These causes are used to understand what the thing in front of us is. For example, a rock and a hammer can be used to drive a nail. They differ in causes though. Our minds “understand” this, and thereby differentiate between the two. They causes are: The …

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The Problem with “Problematic”

The word problematic is utter bullshit. Either something is a problem or it is not. You could think that something might possibly be a problem, but then you would say, this could be a problem. This could be a problem that when you say “problematic”, you impart some nature upon the thing that it may not in fact have.

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