Last summer we darned near got carried off by flies.   It was like Ethiopia over here.  Flies landing on my face, on my food, it was unbearable. We need birds.   Lots of them.   Taking a lesson from Greg Judy, who has probably close to 1,000 birdhouses on his farm, the wife and I started building …

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Why there can be no true meritocracy in business

A meritocracy implies a hierarchy.  From most to least, or some such.  To rank people according their “merit” we must know what is meritorious.  Meritoriousness must be measured against a notion of the good, which I believe is objective. In business, merit is measured by what?  Productivity, nepotistic standing, wokeness, HR mommies?  What exactly is …

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Disposable culture

I have a Husqvarna 136 chainsaw that my dad bought in the mid 1990’s.  It’s a great saw, plenty of compression, works great, except it’s been hard starting lately. After doing a little troubleshooting I determined that it needs a carburetor kit. I head over to the parts store to find that a new Walbro …

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BAP on neo-Amish

At about one hour 17 minutes in Episode 97 of Caribbean Rhythms BAP says (I paraphrase because I don’t want to transcribe.) the new hot thing on the right is to abandon the fight and move to the countryside.  They believe that having a big family is a political act, not knowing the establishment will …

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Planning 2022

I’ve been planning the year. Fencing work is going along. I’ve been thinking about raising broiler chickens. How many should we raise? Feeding 30 is nary more work than feeding 10. Feeding 60 is nary more work than feeding 60. I texted a bunch of people and inside an hour I presold 196 broiler chickens …

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