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So clever. No one can judge. Everything is the same. I think we’ve found a relativist, and a gamma.

The astounding impulse of the gamma. He must critique. He cannot create, but MUST CRITIQUE. He’s such a special smart boy……………………..who needs to GTFOH. Gammas will not be tolerated.

Hatred of evil is VERY good. Bob Dylan and Gammas are evil. This guy likes Bob Dylan and is a Gamma. It is good to hate him. I hate him.
1. He is making shit up. We didn’t say it worse to work in the north than be a slave in the south. 2. I did say people often blame terrible customer service on racism. Because they do. I’m white as fuck and get treated horrible in nearly every retail establishment I use. 3. I didn’t ask for your advice. 4. Fuck off with all your racism talk.

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Leave a review and I’m likely to publicize it. Publicizing it isn’t doxing. I don’t know who this guy is.

You be the judge.

Oh, the hate.

Don’t listen to my rants. Don’t. I mean it. DO NOT. We may not agree and I might make you feel stupid.

The above post is about my dislike of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I don’t fucking care about the setting, plot, or the theme. I don’t fucking care about movies. I don’t fucking care about what DB Cooper 73 thinks either. People cherish that movie. The entire plot is designed to create sympathy for the character who will eventually explains away the mismanagement of the bank. The whole purpose of any other sympathetic or compelling plot points is to support the bank run scene.

I was speaking about the politics of resentment and the Socio-sexual hierarchy and this gamma was insulted, as usual. Here’s more on the gamma.

DB just can’t leave it alone. He is a horrific gamma. He just can’t stand for someone to do something he doesn’t understand or like. Most everyone in the cosmos does stuff I don’t like and I don’t care whatsoever, UNLESS THEY COMMENT ON MY SHOW. I want them to stop listening and to pretend like I don’t exist. Gammas can’t do that. They are very special boys who must have their inner monologue validated.

What, pray tell, are your turn-ons? Men in dockers at the local strip mall church?
I think this is actually a fan, but I’ll take it.
“Just WOW.” = Gay
Don’t. Do not listen to me.
A Yeager fan tuned in to our show for Yeager, and had to listen to us, on our show.
Oh no!
1. I’m stronger than this guy. 2. We are grown men. We can use spicy language. 3. Fuck this guy.
Definitely stop listening. Really. Fuck off and do not listen.
Pearls clutched.
I have no idea what he is talking about. We have the best engineer in the business, Trent Jones.
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