3 thoughts on “56. The Problem of the commons and political action”

  1. The other problem with the “if only more people would read this position” is that the population of readers is smaller then they think. And of that population, only a small subsection will read these works. Outside of OGB, I have maybe 4 buddies who would attempt it.

  2. TPTB, The Regime, whatever you want to call them, have a near-monopoly on the flow of resources and information to we plebs. The reaction of The Commons to Covid, and especially the seamless transition in the narrative from that to PUTIN!!! should completely disabuse any even barely rational thinker of the notion that The Commons are going to rally-together and push-back against said Regime whenever They Go Too Far.

    They locked us in our houses, forced our children to wear useless face-diapers for 2-years, and tried to force the entire population to undergo a dangerous and experimental medical procedure in order to participate in the basics of society – all for a “virus” with a roughly 99.2% recovery rate over the entire population. How was that, individually and certainly collectively, not Go(ing) Too Far? So yeah Scott, spot-on, and thank you for saying out loud what I’ve been mumbling to myself for quite a while.

    Nobody is coming over the hill to rescue any of us. No cavalry, no White Hats. Popping the Tater Pill makes all the sense in the world. Only thing I can do is to first un-(redacted) myself and my family, find a way to get through this, and then help anyone of like mind who wants to come along for the ride.

    Oh, and thank you for smacking-around John Dewey in the OGB podcast. What a hack.

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