4 thoughts on “32. A Conservative’s Failure to Fight”

  1. The way our constitution protects religion may be the best tool we have at conserving family culture from the enemy. Maybe our enemy knows this, so they seek secularization the population first, then roll in cultural tyranny, followed closely by political/violent tyranny.

    The Amish in our area seem to be a good model for conserving their family culture while living within a population of heathen drones.

    Their ideal way of fighting back seems to be buying up land slightly faster than they can breed, doing one way commerce with the outside, and voting unanimously in their interest. Fighting beyond that probably isn’t fruitful enough to take away from family and community time.

    1. The constitution provides precisely ZERO protections. The protections proceed from a government willing to NOT infringe. The constitution is but a document.

      I admire and love the Amish. They are doing a great job and we can learn from them. The thing they don’t do is actively fight.

      In addition to what we learn from them and emulate we must actively fight.

  2. This seems like a few conversations.
    1. How should we act to either expulse or convert enemies to keep organizations that we already have.

    Conversion is too much work and isn’t effective. My experience working at a rehab center tells me that the rate of sucess is only around 15% when you have 100% control over every aspect of their life and have organized plans to change people.
    Expulsion has a much higher ROI. Vox’s ideas outlined in SJWs always lie, SJWs alwaus double down, and Corporate Cancer will work as a good guide line.

    2. What organizations should we start if we’ve already lost them and how do we maintain control.

    Keeping the organizations unofficial, undemocratic, and invite only is a good place to start. Keeping them with the primary goal will help them accomplish their task more efficiently than the already converged organizations that are bogged down with secondary and tertiary tasks. A christian study group with primary sources only. A local book group that does not deviate from Adler’s list. If you deviate once, then people will sneek in other books. Getting neighbors and friends together to train, garden, hunt, fish, build things, play music, dance, go to the shooting range. Anything that gets people away from their devices and living the good life. Start with one and build from there. You want to boil the frogs alive not have them jump out.
    Other ideas include starting a business, buying from people you know even if its more expensive, getting multiple forms of income, having multiple ways to pay for goods and services.

    3. How do we take over enemy organizations.

    This is pointless to discuss. Not one moderate gamma who has been cucked will ever do what it takes to win by playing from the other teams handbook.

    4. How do we change the moderate gammas who have been cucked into useful deltas.

    See point 2.
    Also, cut off their porn supply. Bring it up in your bible study group. There are too many resources available that you could hand out that this shouldn’t be a problem.

    1. 1. Just expulse. No need to fight. No need to persuade, expulse. We can’t convert anyone. The idea that debate works to convince folks of the truth is simply not true. I’ve been kicking people out of my organizations since the very beginning. It’s actually consistent with proper management. Managers cannot change people, they can only communicate priorities. If the employee is unwilling to pursue the priority that has been properly communicated, they must go.

      2. I like your ideas. These are excellent. We also need to create communications and financial organizations.

      3. I’m not sure we need to take them over. The left is absolutely unable to create anything. DO NOT FUCKING HELP THEM IN ANY WAY. They will fail eventually.

      4. Gammas are useless. Not worth trying.

      I think we should also work to have blasphemy and “blue” laws enforced. Outlaw their behaviors and philosophy. It can be done. https://www.theblaze.com/news/oklahoma-bans-critical-race-theory

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