2 thoughts on “31. They are Lying About the Inflation Rate”

  1. Fertilizer, specifically phosphorus, is 30% more this year than last year in my area. Fencing and lumber are about the same.

    So is deflation no longer a threat as you thought last year? M1 and M2 money supply is no longer being reported as of a few months ago, because they are hiding inflation. Motive: the government has sold “inflation protected bonds” (TIPS) since 1997 and go figure the average reported inflation since then had been about 3%. What happens when they can’t lie anymore and have to pay 10-20% interest on these bonds?

    I think physical silver is under valued. I bought a bunch of it, buried half. People have traded in silver for longer than recorded history, that’s not likely to go away. I can go to the Amish neighbors and buy flour with silver.

    1. I don’t know. I still think deflation will happen, it must. I also didn’t anticipate 6 trillion in monetary expansion. We have a lot more inflation ahead before the deflation collapse.

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