2 thoughts on “24. They Aren’t Snowflakes………….and You’re Losing”

  1. Chris Kleinfelter

    You are spot on about starting now to build a business. Finding myself on lay off I have been working on exactly that. After 14 years I was tired of working for a top-down corporation to build luxury yachts for people who spend their lives creating cubicle farms to corral wage slaves who walk the treadmill of modern employment and entertainment culture. I have the tools that I used at my now nonexistent job. I have been buying additional machinery at garage sales that is easily restored or reconditioned cheaply with no labor cost except my own willingly given time. I have a friend who is doing much the same thing and we help each other with shared tools and knowledge.

    I am confident in my skills and love working in my own shop. I had a woodworking business back in the seventies and have learned a lot since then. I am also working on a self-publishing idea because I can’t stop writing and will always scatter my poetry around whether it generates even the thinnest trickle of pennies. Culture must be fashioned from the human material at hand with willing hands and active minds.

    You have to have a head
    for using your hands.
    To build a thing that stands
    you need to move a thought
    along a path that is true,
    It’s up to you to know
    the material and learn
    what it wants to do
    along the way to become
    the object of your intention
    with the help of tools,
    clean and sharp,
    and an eye that doesn’t lie
    because it sees what is real
    and only wants to make
    The heart’s desire in truth.

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