4 thoughts on “13. Corporations ain’t people”

  1. I hadn’t linked corporate person-hood to the health care issue before. It’s thought provoking. What would take the place of corporations for the development of new medicines and vaccines? I’m pretty sure you’re not a fan of big government either. Would we simply not have them?

    1. We would ONLY have new medicines developed that were efficacious and safe.

      New antibiotics…………of course.

      Effective, safe products will always be profitable. No one will touch questionable stuff with a ten foot pole.

      1. Cats out of the bag on the first three. We already know how to make those. I don’t think that was your point though, more about the development of things in the first place.
        I’d argue Ritalin is okay for a narrow portion of the population, and would have likely still developed a market.
        Who picks up the actual research end? The free market? The universities? Or something else, kind of like a crowd sourcing scenario for interested groups?

        1. Right. The cats out of the bag on that stuff, but if we had personal liability instead of the corporate personhood, they very likely would never have appeared. They wouldn’t have lasted because the developers would’ve been personally ruined.

          I’m not concerned about who picks up the research.

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