Another crisis

I’ve just seen something horrific. An only child passed away.  He was a senior citizen but had no siblings.  He had one child. His son, another only child, is utterly alone in the world now.  No aunts.  No uncles.  No cousins. This is the absolute destruction of the cultural fabric.   This is the natural conclusion …

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The real news stories

Here are the top news stories and issues that you’ll never hear addressed. Plastics poisoning everyone and everything. The problem of the southern hemisphere. The thermodynamic crisis.  Ever increasing energy required to overcome delta G. Dysgenics

A busy time

Everything is changing right now. Grass is starting to grow. Trees are budding. Pears and Plums are blooming. The greenhouse is full of little two-leafed vegetable plants in seed starter. The brooder is full of chicks.  90 of them. I’m mighty busy making the most of the pleasant temperatures and just getting done what must …

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