More on Veriphysics

Of his Veriphysics Vox day writes: The fullness of the truth cannot be conclusively and comprehensively established from any human perspective or by any human method. Every partial truth is perceived on a gradiant that depends upon both the perspective and the method utilized to determine it. Boethius agrees. In “Consolation of Philosophy” book V,iv: …

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An Old Foundation

My favorite blogger, Vox Day, recently published an outline for a new philosophy to rebuild the west upon. The Tree of Woe contemplates the West’s need for new philosophical foundations in the aftermath of the complete failure of the Enlightenment and classical liberalism. We need to do better than our great ancestors did. To defend …

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Civil Disobedience, voting, writing your congressman, debate

All of these things were designed then promoted in your high school civics class to program a set of pre-approved, harmless avenues of action for those who become disaffected.   They want you to engage in civil Disobedience, voting, writing your congressman, debate, etc. rather than take effective political action. That effective political action is …

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Why I’m for the 3.5 Trillion package

BECAUSE IT WILL HASTEN THEN END! We know that government programs, once started, are never defunded or killed.  David Stockman writes at The truth is, there is almost nothing in the plan that won’t become permanent due to deeply embedded constituencies once they “plant a flag” on new entitlements and climate change pork barrels, as one of …

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