Yet more on evil

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Evil is the absence of the Good, as Boethius proved for us 1500 years ago.

How then do we see evil in action? This seems like a paradox, evil being a privation, and absence, it shouldn’t have active force. WELL……

Man has free well and has potency and actuality. In the potency he has the potential for action and in the actuality does act. That potency, in absence of the Good sometimes becomes act, which is in absence of the Good. This action, this act, this actuality is evil in that it does not partake fully in the good.

It looks like evil is an active malevolent force. It’s not. It’s the potency and act of people who are not in contact with the Good.

IF evil is the privation of the Good, and if the Good, the Beautiful, and the True, the transcendentals are all equivalent (They are, more on this later) then these evil acts will be bad, ugly, and false.

This is why they always lie. This is why it’s always an inversion. This is why they are always ugly. This is why their actions are always bad. They have lost contact with the Good.

“Beautiful at any size.”
“Gay marriage”
“America the free”
“UN Declaration of Human Rights”
“Steven Hawking is a genius”
“Greed is good”

All this is ultimately a metaphysical problem. These people have poisonous metaphysics. They believe this stuff. They don’t know they speak the lie, they would pass a lie detector test as they utter falsehoods.

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