Ya’ll are nuts

I recently had a gentleman thank me for all “the content” I produce.

Firstly, I’d like to genuinely thank him for the thanks. You are definitely welcome.

Secondly, what the f*** is happening?!!!! Would someone thank Charles Schultz, Bach, or EE Cummings for the content? No. I’m just a lowly podblogger and I’m not comparing myself to those people. But this isn’t content.

Maybe some folks produce content, a commodity that is designed only to attract eyeballs. That’s not what I’m doing.

These posts, whether you like them or not, are the result of hours of thought, internal dialogue, puzzlement, study, and finally writing.

I appreciate the thanks, but this isn’t content. It’s a piece of me.

4 thoughts on “Ya’ll are nuts”

  1. Scott,

    You’re based and your ability to express cogent thought through pithy posts are appreciated by this reader. If I lived near you I would definitely buy you a bourbon. Also, I really appreciate the interesting stuff related to music. Kudos!

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