Why the Enlightenment ain’t

1. The reformation is the beginning of the reader parsing texts (bible) on his own, in a silo, in order to find “true meaning.” This is amok now. CRT and Identity politics is the natural conclusion of this.
2. Men like Bacon ridicule and reject the schoolmen and Aristotle and their approach to using sense data and rationality to figure out the world. Rejecting use of sense data leads to peer review, social sciences, vackseens, and moar.
3. Positivism shows its ugly head during the enlightenment.
4. Everyone forgot their Socrates. “What is liberty?” “What is the good?” “What is justice?” “What is man?” They assume they know these basics and do not know them.
5. They abandoned reasoning from axioms and the a priori.

The arrogance of the enlightenment authors is shocking. Bacon declaring in his Novum Organum that he knew as a teenager that he was smarter than Aristotle. Locke forgetting, or never knowing Plato.

The enlightenment cursed us with forever trying be novel in treatment of basic questions that had already been dealt with hundreds to three thousand years earlier.

So clever. Such smart, smart boys, these men of the enlightenment.

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