Why midwits are like herpes.

The midwit is a curse on mankind……..like herpes.  They make people miserable and will not go away.

They have a high enough IQ to have an inner monologue.  They are not NPCs, though we may call them that.  They have inner thoughts which are heavily influenced by propaganda.  They SEEM like NPCs because their behavior is indistinguishable from the NPC.

Lower IQ folk are not very susceptible to propaganda.   They know men are men and women are women.  They see things in black and white.  “Nuance” is lost on them………..thankfully.  They are often intransigent.  They are often stubborn.  They distrust authority, having been shit on and taken advantage of by authority since childhood.   That’s where the IQ bell curve meme comes from, the fact that the low IQ are often far more clear eyed about reality than the midwit.

The midwit is VERY susceptible to propaganda.  If the propagandist can appeal to the midwit’s intellectual pride, they’ll believe anything they are told.  The Science.  The Policy Wonk.  The Progressive.

Their intellectual pride comes from the fact that they have an inner monologue, but cannot imagine the inner life of another.  This leads them to believe that their intellect is magical.  In order to imagine, or simulate, the inner monologue of another person requires IQ at least a standard deviation above the mean.  This is unavailable to them so they do not have the humbling experience of encountering another REAL intellect.

Let’s get moar abstract.  Imagine thinking of another person’s inner monologue as that person is thinking of someone else’s beliefs.  What would someone with different opinions and a different fund of knowledge from mine think of a third person who has his own opinions and fund of knowledge?   The midwit cannot do this.  This is too abstract.  The cannot think recursively.

Once they get programmed by propaganda from university, the newspaper, HuffPo, CDC, whatever, the midwit’s cognitive shortcomings makes them MOAR intransigent than the low IQ person.

Now, imagine programming millions of these midwits with GAE (Global American Empire) propaganda and sending them out as an entrists into the world.   These people end up in EVERY organization.

They recognize each other through their use of peculiar patterns of speech, retard syntax, etc.

“Big Oof”
”Educate yourself”

Once they realize they are not alone in an organization they are emboldened, attacking those who do not identify themselves as GAE infected midwits, subverting rules, committees, everything.  They prey on the courtesy and good will of everyone in the organization until they get critical mass.  Once they get a critical mass, they eject or run off all sane higher IQ folks and destroy the original mission of the org.

They are ideological herpes.  You don’t want this.

Seek out the midwit entrist.  Throw them out.  Do it today.

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