Why I’m for the 3.5 Trillion package


We know that government programs, once started, are never defunded or killed. 

David Stockman writes at https://internationalman.com/articles/david-stockman-on-why-the-bidendem-3.5-trillion-spending-plan-is-worse-than-you-think/

The truth is, there is almost nothing in the plan that won’t become permanent due to deeply embedded constituencies once they “plant a flag” on new entitlements and climate change pork barrels, as one of the more honest Congressional Dems explained a few days ago:

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D., Md.) told liberal activists on a call Monday night that he wanted to include a long list of programs that he hoped would prove popular enough that lawmakers in the future would feel compelled to continue them.

Let’s plant a flag on everything that we need and everything that we want and we will prove to America how important it is, how vital it is to our people and then we will live to fight another day,” he said.

Of the proposed $3.5 Trillion budget $500 billion will be ongoing annual spending. Forever.

Permanent Cost Per Year Of Biden/Dem Spending Plan:

  • $3,600/$3,000 Child Tax Credit: $110.0 billion;
  • Child Care Tax Credit and Subsidy: $35.0 billion;
  • Paid Family Leave: $22.5 billion;
  • Universal Pre-K: $16.5 billion;
  • Free 2-Year College and Increased grants: $28.5 billion;
  • Medicare expansion to dental, hearing and eye care: $37.0 billion;
  • Expanded ObamaCare and Medicaid: $46.5 billion;
  • Expanded home and community based health care service & RX subsidies: $52.0 billion;
  • Clean energy and EV tax incentives: $33.0 billion;
  • Other clean energy boondoggles: $23.0 billion;
  • Housing subsidies: $19.0 billion;
  • R&D subsidies: $18.5 billion;
  • Worker training, manufacturing and small business subsidies: $33.0 billion;
  • Other pork barrels: $25.5 billion
  • Grand Total Before Debt Service Costs: $500 billion Per Year

Government spending is never going to moderate or improve, so let’s go all the way.  

Bankrupting the beast is the only and best way to get political reform. 

6 thoughts on “Why I’m for the 3.5 Trillion package”

  1. This is only loosely related to this post, but the idea of a societal collapse on the heels of policies that presume an infinite capacity to print money makes me think of the r/K evolutionary psychology hypothesis. Are you familiar with this?

    I’ve linked a press release for a book explaining it below, but briefly, it takes a general biological theory with regards to species reproductive behavior in relation to resource availability and applies it to explain differences in human psychologies and personalities. The idea is that humans have evolved two distinct psychological tendencies to contend with environments that have scarce vs plentiful resources.

    According to the hypothesis, the “r” psychology flourishes when there are plenty of resources, which negates the need for competition. It is embodied by promiscuity, lack of in-group/out-group distinctions, lack of loyalty close relations of an in-group, broad egalitarianism, and little emphasis on competitive fitness of any sort. In contrast, the “K” psychology is predominate when times are hard. It is characterized by careful selection of sexual mates, careful investment of resources into the rearing of offspring to prepare them for a harsh world, loyalty to a small in-group that competes against other out-groups, and emphasis on being fit in order to compete for resources.

    I’ll let you guess which group represents each side of the modern political spectrum, but the hypothesis goes further and tries to apply this idea to the cycle of civilizations. Basically, tough times create tough men (K personalities), tough men create good times, good times create soft men (r personalities), soft men create tough times, and the cycle continues.

    There are definitely some flaws in the idea, but overall it seems pretty accurate and explanatory. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it.


      1. Team K all the way! There may be some unexpressed wrinkles in this theory but mostly I buy it. I buy it because I see the softening in my own, boomer, generation. We made a quantum leap in softness aided and abetted by the generation before that eschewed the manufacturing industries built up during WWII. Tough people such as general Patton would have made the cold war a hot war before the Soviets could build an atomic counterforce. Working in a foundry builds tough people. I and some of my friends were among the last in my hometown to work in heavy industries. That was all gone before we hit thirty. I remember reading articles extolling the virtues of America converting to a service economy. I felt then that it signaled a softening. It quickly devolved into a corporate cubicle economy. And this is just one basic factor that has changed the world, not for the better. The effect on our work ethic has been devastating. It may well be that we must suffer a collapse so that people can toughen up again. As I often said when I was working in a corporate shop, You have to let it break so that it can get fixed.” It always amazed me when we went right on without fixing a problem. Yuo can only push the rubble aside and continue on the same path for so long. Wisdom usually comes at the end of a long hard day.

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