What is the REAL Game?

I have made a lot of money by understanding and trying to predict where everything was going.

I’m tired of it. It’s so very fake and ghey. Technology is invented. It’s adopted. It’s exploited. People are harmed a tiny bit more. I’m tired of tracking it. I’m tired of reading about it and trying to understand what is going on. I’m tired of trying to predict the direction. I’m tired of participating.

Every 18 months since 1998 has brought a new paradigm to the business world. Exhausting.

Peak Oil
Wallstreet Bets
Huge monetary expansion

I realize that every single new tech/paradigm/instrument, while it may have utility is actually a hustle that resets the marketplace, creating an entire new group of the naive that can get skinned.


The midwits always think t’ll be different this time.

It won’t be, because virtually everything is now financialized. In other words, whatever is being done in the physical world can be traded in an exchange.


The clever, I mean REALLY clever man can make a groat or two on some of these things if he’s paying attention and does his homework. The chances that you are that guy is very, very slim. Us regular folks do not have access to the larger strategy and as such are at a disadvantage.

Because of this, I worry about becoming outdated, outmoded, uninformed of what is going on.

I recently spent a little time getting up to speed on NFTs. I hate studying that stuff, because I’ll have to do it again on some other fiction in another 18 months or two years. I’m never able to create a sort of institutional knowledge for myself.

The result is I am becoming outdated, outmoded, etc.

It amounts to one’s “golden years” being stolen, since it’s nearly impossible to gain and keep 40, 50, 60 years relevant experience to draw on like a super power.

Some dumb fuck right now is thinking “knowing how to tackle new investments is a timeless skill and won’t be outdated, outmoded.” No.

The rate at which these are being created, looted out and destroyed is increasing. It’s almost too fast for one person to get up to speed, act, exit and repeat unless that person created the bubble.

I think the games are created so that the creator has an edge while the others are learning. Pumps, dumps. Think Mark Cuban. The business that made him rich no longer exists. He hit it early, he’s preserved his capital, but he no longer participates in the game. He’s an actor who plays someone who does.

Here’s what I worry about most though. Is the game learnable and winnable in the long term, but it being so confusing and difficult it appears to be pure chaos to me?

The midwit is saying “YES!!! You’re not as smart as you think you are Hambrick!!!”

Wrong. I’m glow in the dark smart. I’ve seldom met anyone quicker. I know how smart I am. I can see the edges of my ability to learn, assimilate, and act on new information and skills. What’s beyond the edges is the trouble. Is the edge there in this case because it truly is chaos, or because I can’t recognize the larger patterns?

If you say it’s because I can’t recognize the larger patterns you must bring evidence of those patterns.

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  1. Forget learning from grandparents, We at a point where learning the “game” from an older sibling is obsolete. My father taught me how to change the oil in my truck when I was a boy. I cannot teach my son because I don’t have a PhD in auto engineering. Is this progress, or, design?

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