What is “health?”

The notion of “health” has become a nonsense abstraction like “society” or “a career.” Society doesn’t exist. It’s what we call the actions and ways of being of a group of people. It’s not real. Neither is “a career.” People have a series of jobs. Maybe they learn, improve, become more valuable, etc. But there is no such thing as a career. Sorry ladies.

While healthfulness is real, it belongs to the individual. Individuals can be healthy or unhealthy. If a large proportion of the population is healthy, the population is said to be “healthy.”

But because we live in a communo-corpora-collectivist society health is not dealt with on the level of the individual. “Healthcare” is a matter of statistical probabilities that treatments may work for the population, that certain incentives will create a “healthier” population, etc.

This has become glaringly obvious during the covid panic. Everyone knows that obesity is one of the most dangerous pre-existing conditions one can have when facing any illness. “Covid” is no exception. Rather than a pointed campaign focused on getting people to lose weight, the focus of “healthcare” has been to develop gene therapies or vaccines that save fewer than it kills. This is a statistical win. This is how healthcare works.

This is just one reason why you should realize that life expectancies are falling, even if, like the true inflation rate, it is not being reported.

Since the public health folks aren’t interested in treating the true health of individual people, you can expect further decrease in life expectancy.

By the way, I’m sure you can already feel the lower quality of life too.

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