We’re playing musical chairs

I figure we are playing musical chairs. YOu know the game. Chairs are arranged int he middle of the room and music plays. We circle the chairs together until the music suddenly stops. Everyone scrambles for a chair. The catch is that there is n-1 chairs. There aren’t enough. If you don’t get a chair you lose the game. Remove a chair and repeat. Eventually there is one person seated. That’s the winner.

We are playing musical chairs. The music is fake and ghey. It’s,
1. Printing infinity money
2. Federal reserve buying bond funds
3. The educational system not educating
4. The feds propping up the mortgage and therefore the housing market
5. Declining healthcare efficacy. (See number 3.)
6. Weird health care mandates
7. Broken jobs program for a military
8. Disgusting food essentially 3d printed from soy and corn
9. Young people who, like pandas, won’t reproduce
10. Trannies in the girls bathroom
11. Elections
12. Corptocracy
13. Inflation
14. Virtually every other damned thing.

The stock market has doubled in the last 5 years. Housing prices are up over 20% this year. We are being invaded by the Southern Hemisphere. I could go on and on and on.

Everything is dysfunctional.

When current year starts to falter, which may be next year, or the year after, the music is going to stop. Entirely. We are going to be reintroduced to reality. Real money. Real supply. Real demand. Real relationship to sex, violence, scarcity, God. All of it.

When the music stops are you gonna have a chair? A place to live. Skills. Calories. I figure about 2-3 billion people are not.

There is time to get situated. To plan. To be prudent.

If I’m wrong, you’ll just have a secure existence you are proud of. If I’m right, you might not die. There is no downside to being prepared for monetary collapse, calorie scarcity, knowledge dearth, and hard times. There’s only upside.

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  1. I appreciate your post and I agree with you. The problem is, nobody tells you what the important steps are to protect yourself. Nobody tells the average middle class person that is barely scraping by “these are the number one things you should be doing.” Do we stock up on non-perishable items that can be hoarded in our basements and attics? And what about the money that I’ve spent my entire life saving as my emergency fund? The money I have set aside for just this kind of situation so that I can continue to pay my mortgage? How does anyone prepare for monetary collapse? I have yet to find someone who can answer these questions.

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