We lost the war. Wat do?

Hardcore liberals became disaffected by what they saw as the failures of the 1960’s.  Under the influence of Marcuse and others they then undertook a 50 year march through every significant institution in the country.  The government, universities, Hollywood, radio, newspapers, TV, Silicon Valley, the Fortune 500, everything.   They won while the conservatives tried to be polite to them.  Now we have no major institutions.

Having perfected it, they KNOW this strategy.   They will not allow you to subvert or take over their institutions.  This is what cancellation culture is about, preventing you from getting so much as a toe-hold in major institutions.  Your kids won’t get a toe-hold either, unless they become true believers.   You don’t want that.

Part of their strategy has been to render the not-left marginal, third class citizens and eventually dehumanized enough in the mainstream to launch a pogrom against them.  If you don’t want the pogroms we must act.  We have to create institutions for our children.  We must set up the conditions in which they can make a livelihood and a good life   We must fight for the next generation, knowing that the fight will take 50-100 years.  The good news is that the left has made a few errors.

  1. They have created an enormous oversupply of middle-class, striving, low-IQ pseudo elite folks graduating from college.  College degrees and credentials are like ordinations to them.  They will not give up their credentials readily.  This is good for us.    The credentials indebt them.  The “education” required to obtain the credentials render them less useful.  This is wonderful for us.
  2. Corollary to 1, they disdain manual labor and the trades.  This is the domain in which al reality dwells and they are disgusted by it. This is both a financial AND political opportunity for us.
  3. They do not reproduce at anything near replacement rate.  Outbreed these a******s and we win in 70 years.
  4. By and large they are aesthetically disgusting.  See number 3.  This is also good for us.  No healthy man wants their women.  No healthy woman wants their men.  They are reduced to choosing each other.
  5. They live in VERY dense, highly populated areas.   PERFECT.

Before we start establishing our own institutions it is imperative that we make a full scale and unflinching repudiation of all conservatives and moderates.  No progress can be made with them sabotaging everything.  They’ve had their chance.  They conserved nothing.   Consider them as allies of the the left.  Matt Walsh raising money as a gift to AOC’s abuela is not “owning the libs,” it’s literally helping hte libs, as is almost every other thing conservatives do.  Purge them from your ranks, your business, etc.    Once they are gone you’ll be freer to act.  Next, we need some defensive measures:

  • Right Wing telehealth
  • A right wing endowment to take up legal activism and to defend members of the faction of the truth.  Our own ACLU and SPLC
  • A right wing bank with independent credit card processing, etc.
  • A right wing internet domain registry include our own internet domain suffix .rw
  • Failing ability to secure a internet domain suffix, move wholesale to urbit, tor, or other parallel internet.

Politically offensive measure we should take include:

  • Right wing national endowment for the arts
  • A inter-discipline labor union with strictly political aims
  • Marry and impregnate hot chicks.   Have kids until you can’t.  Even if you think it will impoverish you.
  • Fire SJW’s and deny them service with impunity.

But before we do this, we must have a positive philosophy, not a reaction to the left.  I think that lies in Scholasticism.

More on this later.

6 thoughts on “We lost the war. Wat do?”

  1. What do about Manufacturing? The right needs it, but it’s so fuxxored. I’ll go six weeks without a pay check then get one for $26,000 like I did yesterday. Most org’s buying manufacturing aren’t using the product and its just a welfare and laundering program. Nobody knows what they’re doing at any level of manufacturing.

    I think the only answer is doing art. Gun smithing, clock smithing, black smithing, car restoration, jewelry, ect. You don’t need to worry about equipment not being the most up to date, products aren’t as affected by supply/demand, you can sell/trade to the people you know, you can get paid immediately or at least have something you can pawn and not have some stupid ass widget that’s only good for scrap.

  2. Any growth in manufacturing helps the enemy. The only way to grow a shop would be to hire immigrants, out source to the third world, take on debt, sign your company to your wife, get AI.

    Having a family shop for antique car, clock work, gun smithing doesn’t have to deal with any of that.

  3. I would add archivists to your list of defensive measures. You need to collect and protect sources of knowledge before they are rewritten, edited or destroyed. If your local libraries or college libraries are getting rid of the books go see what is there and protect what you can.

  4. “They do not reproduce at anything near replacement rate. Outbreed these a******s and we win in 70 years.”

    They are already ramping up the rhetoric on kids belonging to “the community” not the parents. If they can establish that as fact, they can take kids away from the family and indoctrinate them to replace their dying demon soldiers.

    This is why a parents right to homeschool will become as divisive as the abortion issue over the next 10 years.

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