We can no longer agree to disagree

Long time readers and followers of my podcasts know for a long time I’ve been railing on the evil in moderates and describing how the institutions you trust have already betrayed you.

Well, nearly everyone has betrayed you too.

We know political views are more and more polarized to the point the different factions in the US are probably entirely unreconcilable.  There are different ways of living that cannot coexist.  Urban/Rural, Ghey/Traditional Marriage, “Capitalists”/Linkola followers, and many other pairs cannot coexist.  The success of one group will destroy the other, or the other’s values.  If the Linkolites win, the capitalists will have to eat raw fish and moldy jam.  If they win, we have to eat our paste and stay in our pods.  We are at war.  My side is losing.

A dear old friend and I do not see eye to eye on feminism, CRT, 1/6, body positivity, and much more.  But since, like all upper class leftists, this friend lives a fairly cautious life, saving money, acting as though this friend believe in cause and effect, staying married, etc.  we can get along.  MOSTLY the way this friend lives is inconsistent with this friend’s spoken beliefs. But we really don’t see eye to eye on many macro issues. This friend does not share my outlook on the trajectory of civilization.  I’ve rejected urban living, this friend thinks I’m nuts, and so on.  A long time ago we called a truce and have decided to not discuss divisive issues.  We’ve gotten along just fine.  We have a great time when we are together and all has been well.  So I thought.

I recently found this person, seeing my views as dangerous and disgusting, has deliberately attempted to undermine my relationship with loved ones, encouraging degenerate behaviors in them, etc. This friend’s behaviour is tantamount to ghey grooming.

I suspected such could happen.   It has.  When I stop and reflect on this, I reckon I always knew it would.  I messed up in letting it happen.

This is my fault.  Society is too fractured.  Opinions are too divergent.  More than that, political discourse has moved beyond debate and into throwing bricks, blockades (truckergeddon), cancellation depriving people of livelihoods, disgusting elementary and middle schools coercing small children to be trannies AS A POLITICAL ACT, and more.    We are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past debate.  They are coming to f**k you up.  Like the internet has been telling us, “never forget they hate you, want you and your children dead, and they think it’s funny.”  We can no longer agree to disagree.

1.  The institutions you trust have already betrayed you.

2.  Your closest relations, no matter how long standing, who you do not share lockstep belief with have betrayed you.

If these relations who share these opposing political views have not betrayed you, it’s because it’s early.

Long before when the SHTF they will betray you.  They’ll do it to assuage their broken conscience that has come to identify anyone who doesn’t agree with them as a nazi.  They’ll do it for the social credit points.  They’ll do it out of ressentiment.

When you get HR’d out of your job, they’ll testify against you in civil court.

When your five year old son plays with a Barbie doll when he and his sister are playing together, this friend will tell him he must be his dick, but it’s ok, cuz he might be a secret girl.

When your niece is thinking of leaving her husband to take up with “Susan,” this friend will loan her money and tell her “to go find herself.”

And on, and on, and on.

You’ve got to excise them.  Now.  Before it comes to blows.   Before the stakes go way, way up.   Oh, and don’t forget, the stakes never, ever, go down.

Keep your head on a swivel and don’t let the c*********s get to you.

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