We are all gonna be poor.

We already are.

The middle class is shrinking.  Inflation adjusted wages have been stagnant for close to 50 years now.  Education costs more in real terms. Housing costs more in real terms.  Food costs more in real terms.   Additionally, there are expenses that exist now that didn’t exist for normal people 30+ years ago.  Cell phones, computers, internet service, streaming services, etc. come out of people’s pockets, leaving us with less cash.

Inflation itself is eroding savings and spending power.  Not only does your dollar have less buying power, packaging is inflating.  Sacks of flour and sugar are now 4 or less pounds, not 5lbs.  Potato chip bags are 1/4 full.  Shrinkflation is real.

Most things are junkier.  We all remember our mother or grandmother had that same weird colored refrigerator or deepfreeze or whatever for 30, 35, 0r 40 years.  That won’t happen to you.  Your household appliances are disposable.  You’ll have “the main board” go out of your damned dishwasher or instapot.  The replacement part is only $75 less than a new machine, you end up continually buying “durable goods” for your home.  You’re on the treadmill whether you like it or not

The causes of these problems continue.  Globalism, money printing, corpocracy are still ascendant.  Wealth is aggregating to the wealthiest among us. Unless there is a major change of policy and societal attitudes it’s going to get very bad.

Depending on how old you are you, your kids, and/or your grandkids are going to live in smaller and smaller homes, have a smaller and smaller income in real terms.

We are going to have a return to 1930’s standards of living.

  • Smaller homes
  • WAY fewer clothes
  • Fewer possessions
  • No vacations
  • Ersatz cookery, phones, software, everything

Who’s ready?

3 thoughts on “We are all gonna be poor.”

  1. How do you see it playing out when you say it’s going to get very bad? I agree the standard of living won’t be the same as today for our children. Do you think it’s a Holodomor scenario, or is that too severe?

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