I’m getting ready to go on a tirade about debt and usury.

I know with the inflation, market consolidation, and financialization of everything we are experiencing today it seems like it’s impossible to “get ahead” without borrowing. As a result, I know some of you will think this is boomer-poasting from me. That it’s “easy for me to say” having gotten my start in business in the last century. I’m sorry.

It is easy for me to say. Having been a cheap b****rd my whole life, Mrs. Hambrick and I are doing well. I’d like to be doing much, much better. I’m also in the stage of life when I am working to help my children get a foothold in adulthood. As a result, unlike the boomers, I’m still in the trenches. I’m working hard to preserve and grow our capital and I can’t believe what I’m seeing out there.

This is how I know I’m right about what I’ll be writing over the next few days. I’m seeing that the business environment is way, way riskier than anything I’ve seen since I started paying attention in the mid 1980’s.

Don’t be tricked. Things are changing. The only way you’ll be able to get ahead today and sleep at night is by living small, being modest in your wants, and owning your own job or business. Think 1930’s. That needs to be your mindset.

It’s hard. It may be harder than it has ever been in the former United States of America. That doesn’t change a thing for you. You have three score and ten to make your way and to help yours along. Pouting because the boomers and Hambrick had it easier doesn’t change a thing.

I’ll help you. Email me. Lets figure it out Let’s get to work.

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