Truckers need to get organized, for real

The truckers are demonstrating/protesting, whatever.  Good for them.  They are probably messing up.  Badly.  They are going to get blamed for supply shortages that were already coming.

The “supply chain” is badly, badly broken.  Store shelves are going to be empty of many products, and the products that are in stock are going to increase in price dramatically.  This is a supply issue, not an interstate transport issue.

If these truckers do not get this right 45% of the idiots on this continent will think they can’t get beef because of truckers “protesting.”  The truth is beef is selling at the sale barn for $1.55/pound, all the inputs have doubled in price, including grazing land, and once the farmers sell what they have to stop their input costs there won’t be more steers coming behind them until the prices are right.  This is a two year process at a minimum.  If inflation continues, beef supply will be down until the inflation stops plus two years. 

This goes for every other product you buy as well.  It’s particularly apparent in beef which takes a minimum of 30 months to make real adjustments to supply.

ANNNNNDDDDDD all of this will be blamed on the truckers. 

Unless the truckers are willing to go all the way, starving people until a specific list of demands which define a true political victory are met they will be hated and will be worse off than before.

This is the “conservative” mistake, defining victory as “getting back to normal.”  No.  Victory will consist in a complete upsetting of the political order.  Anything short of this is only a setback to the enemy.

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