Their world isn’t real

The folks that run everything live in a phake world.  They live in urban centers.  Approximately 75% of their food (look it up yourself) is pre-cooked or pre-prepared.  Their work is all phake, maneuvering data in tables, meetings on zoom, etc.  Their water is piped in.  Their waste is piped out.  They live at great remove from all of the physical objects that have to be manipulated in order for them to live with ease.

They don’t understand that my farmer friend has 450 tires in his operation and has to fix approximately one flat every single day of the year in order to raise the winter wheat, soybeans, and black angus cattle they eat.  They don’t truly understand that several animals must be killed every year to provide them with protein and that someone does the killing.  They don’t understand that it takes an enormous amount of knowledge and skill to provide their furniture, 72 degree air, and cat5e cable.

Their world is one of unreality.  Their work has no bearing on serving clients or providing a service.   Their entertainments are virtual and passive, stuff like Netflix or Call of Duty.

They loathe people who ply the trades that make their lights come on, or their toilet flush.  Their hatred of reality results in them seeing those who interact with it as unclean.

For them reality is the story they live every day.  The story might be something like this………

“I’m a clever person who went to a pretty good school and now live in luxury in one of the best cities on Earth.  I’m better off than lots of people I went to high school with.  I live in this city which provides all kinds of opportunity for entertainments, food, and work.  I’m politically aware and I keep up with current events on MSNBC, CNN, HUFFPO, and the best sources.  Because of my education, intellect, where I live, and experience in the workplace I’m the kind of person who should vote and have a say in the direction of the country.  I’m still looking for the right person to settle down with.”

The truth is that nearly everything about that person and that person’s environment is managed.  The city he lives in is the managed end of a “supply chain.”  His food is almost entirely phake and would rot before he could eat it if it was not treated with untold numbers of chemicals  The college admissions process selected him not because of intellect or potential, but because he was compliant and eager to prove it.  The college manipulated what was left of him into a certain type of actor suited to urban life and cube farm work.  The entertainments he “enjoys” are designed to manipulate the sexual, power, and nutritive appetites of the viewer to extract money from him.  The “current events” are curated and presented in “news cycles” that have little or no bearing on reality but are designed to increase ad revenues or shore up political power for the 400 who are in control.  His work is meaningless.  If he’s a good employee he spends all his time fixing the mistakes of others, if he’s a bad one he spends his day jockeying for position, both the good and bad employee make the same money.  If he’s good he’ll get passed over for promotion.  If he’s the bad one, he’s management material.  Dating and sex are horrific, a string of encounters with striving narcissists and slores.  Porn is easier.

Because everything is so managed, manufactured, and delivered to this man, his politics are phake as well.  Though he might TRY to form a proper politic, he cannot because he is too removed from the reality of scarcity of skill, labor, material, capital, etc.  He is too removed from proper non-striving, non-economic relationship to understand that.  His politics are about correct opinion and ingroup signaling.

Because he lives in the cave, his politics can be manufactured.

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  1. Longtime reader, first time commenter: this is likely your best post.

    I went to school with these folks out East and got as far away as possible as soon as I could.

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