The tater pill

A week or so ago I urged folks to embrace serfdom.  I stand by that.

More and more I’m seeing this as a good or even great political tool.

Years ago I told a good friend that I wanted to get out of the business world full of its unreasonable demands, inept people, toxic culture, etc., and just. grow. turnips.   For years he and I used “growing turnips” as a metaphor for simplifying our lives.   We both want to select our customer, sell an unimpeachable product for a fair price, and free ourselves up to live the good life.

The turnip is the unimpeachable product.  No one returns turnips.  What complaints could the client have?  Whatever complaint they have would result in a refund from me and a refusal to do business with that person ever again.   Perfect.

On my telegram chat at one of my internet frens who is a good patent and trandmark attorney wrote the following.

Been relistening to the scottstreams, and esp the ones about starting your own biz and getting rid of the gatekeepers. I am a lawyer and already a small equity partner in a firm; so I kinda am a biz owner, but not really—more a partner in name only. I could go out on my own with a law practice, but in my current practice (trademarks mostly) I’d necessarily have corporate clients (brands) that will have (many already do) policies in place that require vendors (esp law firms in saturated specialty areas) check some boxes that I don’t check. The primary owners of my firm are women, so we currently check that box.

So, my question, what are the areas of the law that the homesteading and small business cancel proof folks are likely to have the need for expertise in in the coming societal reshuffling?

I suspect there’d be more need for transactional and regulatory type expertise than litigators; I know there are likely plenty of folks out there already doing the good work of litigating the religious freedom and gun rights stuff.

So, what? Zoning laws? Water rights? Cottage industry experts? Wills and estates law with an eye towards keeping homesteads etc in the family? “Family office” type arrangements?

Seems like there might be a niche out there that could provide a “job” that is more than just a paycheck.

Basically, what are the legal areas that you all have questions about, and that likeminded folks also likely have questions about?

And later he wrote:

I’d take payment in chicken or seeds. Really just looking to get the property taxes and utilities paid, and whatever food we can’t make ourselves. Not looking to get rich; just to keep the lights on. Property will be paid for and no debt. My wife is already seeing the writing on the wall w her stuff and will take advantage of that until folks get sufficiently acclimated to seeing their help in to zoom from India or wherever. She’s probably got about 5 years, perhaps. That’ll be enough.

I think a country practice plus whatever trademark and conflicts referral work I can maintain would be more than enough.

  1. I’m proud of the man for being in the position to do what he is considering.
  2. I think he’ll be much happier.

Our man here is good at what he does. Unfortunately, right now he is helping large businesses protect their “brands” and their “intellectual property.”  Him leaving practice will deprive them of good counsel.

I sold my business.  I ran the best business in our industry in this region.  No question.  We were a valuable resource to hundreds of other businesses.  No longer.  That business is gone.

I was GREAT at what I did.  My ex-clients are worse off now that I’m gone.   Many of those clients were small businesses and good people.  I’m sorry if they are worse off.  The rest need to go bankrupt.   Same for most of the clients of our attorney friend.

We are no longer helping keep the current machine going.   It’s Atlas Shrugged ya’ll.    WALK THE F**K OUT OF YOUR JOB AND LEAVE THEM TO COMPLETE THEIR WORK WITH THEIR HR PANT-SUIT MOMMIES  AND THEIR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION MAFIA.

Reader, the meritocracy is dead.  The idiots are in charge.  Stop helping them.  Withhold your expertise, this will force them to plow ahead with their S*** tier affirmative action JV Squad.

This is a collapsinista or accelerationist stance.   Let’s get this broken, inept, dysfunctional, inhuman, filthy machine where it’s going, which is the dust-bin.

If your are good at what you do, if you know they depend on you, if you know they’ll be worse off without you, if you know they are evil, leave.  Stop propping up the system.

Go grow turnips.  Grow potatoes.  Take the tater pill.

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