The rot is deep

“A man stabbed his dad 17 times just down the holler from me,” my friend told me on the phone the other day. “This man stabbed his dad last week, the house is empty today. His people already sold everything.”

We don’t know for SURE, everything is “alleged,” but drugs were almost certainly involved. It’s a small town, word gets around. This stabbing happened in nearly the poorest county in the 44th poorest state in the union. Drug use is rampant. Fentanyl, opioids, meth, crack, and marijuana is everywhere. Alcoholism is the norm.

The rot is so deep family members are killing family members just to sell their stuff and buy more drugs.

The rot is gangrenous, evil, and deadly. This societal rot isn’t just 1st world stuff like trannies at story time and mixed race couples in every commercial. This is what you get after the death of the family, after the death of the middle class.

My friend who told me about the stabbing is a fine gentleman in his 80’s. Like everyone where we are from, he is surrounded by broken and evil people, and some of them are in his family. Rural America is full of them. They are people that modern America destroyed on purpose, and now we are stuck with them.

He is worried that someone he knows might kill him just to sell some of his tools and the like for some “of those drugs.” He’s worried some of his family, maybe even a child of his might do it to him in his sleep. He’s not being paranoid. It’s a definite possibility. And a lot of it is his fault.

He wasn’t demanding enough of his loved ones and neighbors. He didn’t have strong enough boundaries.

If someone around you, even your kid, uses drugs, tell that m**8*)$$*%)#r to get away from you and NEVER come around or you’ll end them.

If someone in your family steals something, from anyone, tell that sneaky SOB to get the f83k away from you and NEVER come around or you’ll end them.

If someone in your circle marries a criminal, or drug user, or otherwise sketchy person, tell that dummy to get away from you and NEVER bring that spouse around or you’ll end them BOTH.

Keep your eyes peeled. Unreliable, perpetually “broke,” dirty, chaotic folks are everywhere and they are a danger.

Over and over again people tell me I’m too harsh, I’m mean, or I’m an asshole. I may be an asshole, but I’m not too mean or harsh. You have a stand against these people now, it’s about the only thing you can do to help them.

You don’t want them around your children demonstrating un-virtuous possibilities. If they see that behavior, they need to see you react against it strongly. You are teaching them.

These people hurt, physically hurt, their friends and family. Do not be one of their victims.

Do it now. If you do not, you may be in your 80’s living in the fear of one of your drug addled nephews knifing you in your sleep so he can sell your .30-.30.

Degenerate behavior of any kind on their part should have consequences for them, not you.

Some dumbs*&t bleeding heart is reacting strongly to what I’ve just written.

Know, HWDGCS, that your way is what got us into this mess. Trying to “help” those who can no longer be helped is the problem. All this stuff is a symptom of the disease.

Hard times are coming. Us “uncaring assholes” will clean it up for you.

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  1. I like the idea of living in a rural area, but shit like this is my biggest reason for avoiding it. Ive had constant vandalism and property destruction just on a piece of hunting land my family owns that isn’t even in the sticks, and a friend of mine with land way out of town has even worse issues. I’d be paranoid to leave my home unattended there.

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