The Moderate is ALMOST the most evil

Boethius in “The Consolation of Philosophy” shows us this tidy little proof.

1. God is omnipotent.
2. God cannot do evil.
3. Evil does not exist.

In other words, God can do anything. If he can’t do evil, it must not exist. Perfect.

What we call evil is just the privation of the good.

Read that again.

I have political opponents. Some among them have a vision of the good. They are wrong about what that is, but they are pursuing their broken notion of the good. I’m pursuing the good as well. My political opponent and I at least believe in the good and as such are good to the extent that we pursue what we believe is good.

The moderate has no notion of an ultimate good. The moderate seeks to walk a tightrope between those who are attempting to find the good.

The moderate lives in a state of greater privation from the good than me and my political opponents.

The moderate is more evil than me, or my political opponents.

Others of my political opponents are nihilists and seek to destroy. The moderate is only slightly less evil than the nihilist.

QED. It’s better to follow AOC than be a moderate.

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