The metaphysics of brownies

What the hell are brownies? Are they cake? Are they fudge? Something else?

Around my house we’ve debated the brownie problem and the hotdog/sandwich problem many, many times.

These questions confound the modern person, but Aristotle dealt with them easily.

Brownies are cake.

Brownies do not differ in any essential way from cake in it’s four causes. The material cause is the same; flour, eggs, some sort of fat, sugar, etc. The efficient cause, me, the oven, etc., is the same. The formal cause is the same, being a weird bread thing in a pan. The final cause is the same as that of cake, to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Brownies differ from cake only by the accidental and the deficiency. It’s basically a failed cake. Accidents of too much fat and too little leavening make brownies extra “moist” and dense compared to cake. It could be that these accidents are deficiencies. Brownies are cake.

Hot dogs are sandwiches.

Go over this stuff with your kids.

Later, when they are confronted with a trannie they’ll know that chick is metaphysically a dude and differs only accidentally and by deficiency.

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