The diversion is working

A friend of mine was telling me that the whole Russia/Ukraine bit was a political diversion designed to distract the American voter from domestic problems.  I argued that this wasn’t true, that the disconnect between domestic policy and weirdness in the Ukraine would never connect in the mind of the American public.

I was wrong.

Today while I was buying fuel an older lady pulled up to the pump next to me and starting fueling her truck.  I told her, “Buy some extra! It’ll be $4/gallon next week!”

She said, “You can thank the Russians for that!”

This is utterly insane.  She said this as though she had no knowledge of how disrupting pipeline investment and construction projects, printing trillions of dollars, losing decades worth of institutional knowledge, replacing skilled retired hands with affirmative action hires, the legal environment, political winds around the retarded “green new deal” and much more are all contributing to rising prices in every arena.

This is fascinating to me.

Our side, the faction of the truth, continually overestimates the intelligence of the American people, the managerial state NEVER does this.  This is why they are kicking our ass.   80% of people are at the standard deviation about the mean and below in intelligence.  This is crucial to understand and never forget when planning propaganda.  This 80% of people cannot synthesis.  They cannot see two disparate pieces of information, take the in as knowledge, then create a conclusion, a new, third piece of knowledge.  Another additional percentage of people cannot synthesize new ideas and draw conclusions because of their programming.  I estimate this to be another 15% who have had their minds destroyed by relativism and post modernism.  5% of people can “figure it out” everyone else must be told.

I figured this out in terms of bitcoin some months ago.  Bitcoin is too difficult for most people to comprehend or use.  I’ve been active with it for years now, and it’s barely easier to deal with than it was when I got started.  Normal people will never use it.  It’s too hard.  Meanwhile, the trusted Fed will announce a fed coin.  They’ll just let you click a button on a website and that will convert your USD to a “crypto dollar.” It won’t be encrypted.  It won’t be secure.  85% of people will accept this as being cool and advanced technology and will never ever touch a BTC.  Sorry, people are just that way.

It took the little old lady at the gas pump to remind me.

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  1. The Canadian government is trying to seize/freeze crypto assets to block fundraising efforts for the trucker protest. This will be a good test to see just how secure crypto is. At the very least I’m sure the custodial/exchange services like Robinhood and coin base will comply with any government demands.

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