The boomer-con mind

Remember, 95% of people can’t navigate creating new ideas.  I described the bug-world set of these earlier.  Another group of these folks are the boomer-cons.  I ran into one in the wild the other day. 

The boomer-con isn’t always a boomer, they are sometimes younger.  They are pretty evenly split between republican and democrat, which is the same thing to me, but not to them.  But their outlook on macro social systems is flawed and that of the boomer.

The boomer-con may work with real objects in the real world and have a healthy metaphysics in this respect.  The boomer-con may have played outside a lot as a child and understand risk as only one who fell out of trees and got in BB gun fights can.  This much is good.

But the boomer-con does not understand social systems at all.  Like the toddler raised by an iPad has a skewed view of so many things, the boomer-con was raised by TV, schools, and mainstream websites.  The boomer-con listens to “news analysts.”  (Maybe I are a pundit or analyst, you decide.). The BC encountered this media narrative early in life, as we all did, but encountered it in a time BEFORE the narrative setters lost control.

They were told every night on television that:
The Russians are bad.  We beat them at cold warring and hockey.
AIDS will kill us all if Johnny and Tina have unprotected sex.
Reagan was the great communicator and a conservative.
William F. Buckley was straight.
There were weapons of mass destruction.
and so on……

But they never saw any real evidence that the narrative wasn’t true. Everything was narrative, so they never saw anything contradicting what they were told by the mainstream.

Because of the media dreamworld this person lives in they fundamentally misunderstand everything that lies outside their personal realms.  Unlike the urban bug man, Steve the boomer-con may be an excellent diesel technician, smart as a whip, responsible, and a helpful neighbor.  But for anything outside of his ken he’s clueless. He blames gas prices in Oklahoma on the Russians.  He blames the inflation of Biden’s first year on Biden.  He believes that scientists as a category are good.  He believes that if his candidate wins things will get better, and when things don’t get better, it was opposition in congress or the White House that stymied it all.

Because the.people he saw on TV when he was little were so poised and informed, he trusted them then, and he trusts them now.  He trusts them even when he doesn’t.  When Hannity or Maddow deliver some utterance, even if he doesn’t trust Hannity or Maddow he believes they believe what they say. He trusts that their are honest in their own right.  He takes it at face value.

He doesn’t understand that nothing in public media is at it seems.  He’s too busy, or deluded, to dig in and learn that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was staged by Jim Morrison’s dad, that the CIA funded the modern art movement everyone hates, that Dan Rather retired a disgraced liar, and on and on.  The clues that the narrative is busted are all there, but he can’t see it.  The programming from 4th grade when he had to cut three articles out of the newspaper and bring them to class to discuss on Wednesday is too strong.

Perhaps the biggest and overarching blind spot the boomer-con has is in believing that the United States is the free-est nation on earth that is kept free by its military, that it is governed by its constitution, that it is run by a representative form of government and so on.

He believes protests work.   He was told about Martin Luther King and Gandhi.  He can’t imagine that the government loves protests because it gives the people the illusion of political efficacy while only dividing the people along pro-protest and anti-protests lines, meanwhile the gubermint keeps on keeping on.

If you think that defunding police in certain towns came about because of BLM protests, you are a boomer-con.  The defunding was coming anyway.  The protests gave the Soros operatives in those cities political cover for acting out their ideology.

This person in unable to form a proper idea of foreign policy or economics.  This person is unable to understand that the same cutthroat lying bullshit at his job is orders of magnitude worse in city politics, orders again worse at the state level, and for players at the national and international level it is psychopathic, extra-legal, and otherworldly.

Unlike the bugman of the previous post, this person is absolutely worthless politically.  The urban bugman is driving culture, which is ultimately political. The boomer-con is not doing anything politically.  He armchair quarterbacks everything through a retarded analytical lens and waits till the mid-terms to vote harder.

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