The BEST reason why monarchy is the best form of government

In my article from a few days ago, I make the argument that monarchy is the best form of government.

I left out the very best reason for this.

In democracies and republics the people vote and by proxy they are making policy. Voting is how things get done. Your peers vote. Rightly or wrongly, some of them vote against your interests. This situation makes your peers your political enemy. This enmity is misplaced in the democracy and republic, it should be directed at the politicians.

In the monarchy you end up being mostly united with your peers about the political. Community and fraternity is much easier to create in a monarchy.

It’s impossible in a democracy or republic.

6 thoughts on “The BEST reason why monarchy is the best form of government”

  1. Yeah, I think you’re a little too insouciant about it only taking “one rope” if things don’t work out. After Louis XVI, an actual monarch, was taken out with one guillotine drop it wasn’t exactly peaches and cream.

    What’s the difference between a monarch and a dictator?

    1. Insouciant doesn’t mean what you think it means.

      The French Revolution overthrew an entire system of government. They didn’t remove the head of state, they removed THE ENTIRE STATE. “One Rope” is a rhetorical device that allows me to right a short blog post without having to explain that it’s easier to clean up a monarchy than a republic or a democracy.

      Monarchs are born to it. Some monarchs are dictators, but not all dictators are monarchs. Realize that “dictator” is also a piece of rhetoric that has no relation to form of government.

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