Setting posts

Uncle Henry and Aunt Carol came by this morning.  They were headed to pickup feed, then on to get their great grandson who is going to stay the week with them.  They stopped in to see what we were up to, shoot the breeze, and check our progress.   They always want to see progress.

The boyfriend, the oldest daughter, and I started setting fence posts once Uncle and Aunt left.  I’m setting 9 foot long, 3” dia. foam-filled Fiberglass posts for all corners and H-braces.  We are putting a full 48” in the ground and are tamping them in with rock and a rock bar.  This way takes longer.  I don’t care.  I don’t want to use concrete.  I just don’t want to mess with it, have chunks of it on my place, etc .

I do things the way I do them for my own reasons. This is one of 3.6 trillion reasons I would never become a “homestead YouTuber.”  I don’t want all the advice on how to do things faster, or better, or whatever.

That’s not to say I’m not open to advice, I just don’t take it from commenters.

I will take advice from Uncle Roy. He came by the place this afternoon.  He’s near 80, so he doesn’t have to help much.  He watches, tells stories, gives advice.  He’s good company.
















Uncle Roy contemplating the woods.

My forearms are sore.  The boyfriend got some blisters.  We heard some stories.  Some posts got set.  It was a good day here in Cooweescoowee on the ides of March 2022.




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