Seeds and spring garden planning

I ordered seeds last night.   I’m planting a modest garden this year.  MODEST.  15X30 Nothing more than any suburbanite could put in.    I bought more than I personally need because I’ll be doing starts in my greenhouse for my uncles and some other friends.    The seed was from SeedSavers and cost me $140.  I know they aren’t the cheapest, but I want that heirloom non-GMO stuff .  I want seed I can save myself and plant year after year.

This year I’m going to plant:

  • 4 varieties of tomato
  • tomatillo
  • 2 squash varieties
  • 2 radish varieties
  • 3 pepper varieties
  • 2 onion varieties
  • a few cucumber varieties
  • some carrots

After the disastrous Oklahoma gardening season of 2021 I’ve elected to continue prepping the 4,800 sf permanent garden spot.  It’ll be covered with silage tarps until September, for a total of 365 days.  After that I’ll start double digging it and working in compost.  Until then I’ll fight the weeds in the small plot and try to eke out some decent tomatoes and a little produce for canning.

The garden in 2023 is going to be 48X100.   Seed will likely run towards $500 for that 4,800sf plot UNLESS I can save my own heirloom seed from good varieties.

I’m utterly sick of everything being so very expensive.   Using the heirloom  is part of my effort to cut my expenses down as close to tools and workboots.

Also, around 20% of stuff is already sold out.

P.S.  I just got a message that the shipping will be delayed 1.5 to 2 weeks.

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