Science is never right

“Science” has told us how things were, only to contradict itself thousands, millions of times.

Take your fish oil, oops, don’t.
The bodily humours are out of balance. Too much bile. Oops.
Don’t bathe. Oops.
Everyone is going to get AIDS. Oops.
Newton, “gravity works like this.” Oops.
Eggs are bad for you. Oops.
The sun orbits the earth. Oops.

Over and over again “the science is wrong.”

Before I tell you about the next one, you need to know a little about me. I have a microbiology background, receiving my training and education at the University of Oklahoma.

The germ theory of disease is bullshit.

Micro-fauna is EVERYWHERE. It’s pervasive. Germs and viruses are NOT the cause of disease. The cause is elsewhere. Poor nutrition, poor exercise (maintenance) of the body, etc. renders it weak and unable to resist and defend itself against “germs.”

Everyone knows this, but it is not the current paradigm used in medicine.

The nutri-physio model of disease is the correct one, but will not be adopted widely because Pfizer and such cannot make money on this.

There is a lot more of science that is utterly, completely wrong. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, relativity, the entirety of astrophysics, and much, much more.

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