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After posting the “prepper list” here last week I had a lot of people ask what books they need.  You need these books in hard copy.  HARD COPY.  Get these books.  In no particular order.

  1. The Foxfire Books
  2. The David Gingery Books.  “Build your own metal working shop from scrap”
  3. The Encylopedia of Country Living, Carla Emery
  4. The All New Ball Book Of Canning And Preserving
  5. The Iliad and Odyssey
  6. Complete Plato
  7. Complete Aristotle
  8. Boethius “The Consolation of Philosophy”
  9. St. Thomas Aquinas, “Summa Contra Gentiles”
  10. St. Thomas Aquinas, “Summa Theologiae”
  11. Dante’s “Divine Comedy”
  12. Hobbe’s “Leviathan”
  13. Machiavelli, “The Prince”
  14. Machiavelli, “The Discourses on Livy”
  15. Machiavelli, “The Art of War”
  16. Clausewitz, “On War”
  17. “The Landmark Caesar”
  18. “The Landmark Thucydides”
  19. “The Landmark Herodotus”
  20. A bible
  21. Gibbons, “Fall and Decline of the Roman Empire”
  22. Oman, “The Peninsular War”
  23. Shelby Foote, “The Civil War, A Narrative”
  24. Gerald Doyle, “When There is No Doctor: Preventive and Emergency Healthcare in Challenging Time”
  25. Old medical texts, Pre-1954
  26. Audel’s “Carpenters and Builders Guide” vol 1-4
  27. Steve George, “Basic Wiring Techniques”
  28. Richter and Hartwell “Practical Electrical Wiring”
  29. Hensel and Graumont, “Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work”
  30. Livy, The Early History of Rome
  31. Solomon, “Gardening When it Counts”
  32. Stein, “When Technology Fails”
  33. Alton, “Survival Medicine Handbook”
  34. Green Lion’s Press “Complete Euclid”
  35. Hoyle’s Rules of Games
  36. Durant, “The Story Of Civilization
  37. Oxford English Dictionary, micrographic edition.


Moar to come.

6 thoughts on “Apocalypse book list”

  1. With all the recent political mucking about with definitions I’ve decided pre-apocalypse to get a physical copy of a good dictionary and am looking for an encyclopedia too. Those might be good post-apocalypse books.

  2. Great list! I went ahead and bought some of these. Started reading “Gardening when it Counts”, and “The Story of Civilization Vol 1.” ( really enjoying this one especially). I wish I had these years ago. Thanks for posting this.

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