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Here’s some feedback from iTunes for the Barbell Logic Podcast

TC, 10/26/2019
Decent podcast with some good information. After listening for a while, I wish Matt would find a more likeable cohost. Scott is insufferable. I can’t do it anymore.

Please don’t do it anymore. Unsubscribes are welcome.

l, 08/15/2019
It’s just tough to listen to sometimes…
They give relationship advice. Not sure what would qualify Scott to do so. But his idea to hire a private investigator… Just WOW.

“Just WOW” is a tell. Think of the shape the mouth has to make in order to utter the word.

t, 10/23/2019
Early episodes are better
4 stars for Matt and the different guests, there’s a lot of great discussions and knowledge there. 1 star for Scott; he thinks he’s hot snot on a silver platter, but he’s just a cold booger on a paper plate. Had to unsubscribe due to his attitude and opinions.

Boomer lady talk.

md, 07/11/2019
Stick to weights
The strength training content is good, but too often they get into rural lifestyle choices with unwanted topics of religion, home schooling, relationships, and general conservatism. There are good episodes I cannot recommend for this reason alone, which is unfortunate.

Enjoy the commute, government schools, and Netflix. We can guess at md’s religion.

BBB, 07/17/2019
Please stick to barbells and whiskey
Good podcast, Matt is great, Scott is not great. Ep. 201 was awful and I shut it off. You’ve preached about always pushing yourself to get stronger yet you criticize others for not “knowing” when to stop making money. Would you stop trying new whisk(e)y when you “think” you’ve had good enough whiskey? I listen for good info on lifting and occasional whiskey content, or maybe I should “know” when you’ve made enough good content and move on to something else?

This guy is having money trouble. Here’s the show in question if you’re interested. I go after Warren Buffet in this one.

N, 02/08/2019
Great except when it’s not
Great source of info for all things strength training but they should understand that not everybody following SS is a straight republican religion fanatic american. Cut out the comments about guns, religion and the frat talk and you have a great podcast about strength training.

I have an idea!!! This one should start a gay, pagan, globalist show! It’ll be a smash hit.

JC, 10/17/2017
Holocaust “jokes”? No thanks
It’s a shame. There’s some good content in this podcast. But when the hosts think it’s okay to joke about “throwing people in ovens” and then defend their actions afterward? Won’t be listening or supporting anymore.

Oh no!!! We touched third rail of comedy!!!!!!! JC can’t be hearing that……at all.

Meanwhile, you should have a listen to Barbell Logic. We have an overall rating of 4.8 stars, the same as The Joe Rogan Experience, and higher than This American Life, Serial, Art of Manliness, WTF with Mark Maron, The Tim Ferriss Show, and all but just a few percent of the shows available out there.

I reckon I’m polarizing. They nearly all love it, a few soy-infused souls HATE it.

6 thoughts on “BBL Podcast feedback”

  1. I just read in Iamblichus’s Life of Pythagoras that the Pythagoreans were not only into weightlifting but programming as well. See Chapter 21 in Guthrie’s translation.

  2. No problem. Forgot to mention I’m a big fan of the podcast. Meanwhile, the version I’m looking at is from The Pythagorean Sourcebook, edited and translated by Guthrie, Apparently, Guthrie revised an earlier translation by Taylor (which is online), but the relevant passage from Chapter 21 – the Daily Program, reads

    “After (discussion of discipline and doctrines)…they turned their attention to the health of the body. Most of them were rubbed down and raced; fewer wrestled, in gardens or groves; others exercised in leaping with leaden weights on their hands, or in oratorical gesticulations, with a view to the strengthening of the body, studiously selecting for this purpose alternating exercises.”

    So the podcast is in keeping with the best traditions.

  3. One day I hope to be referred to hot snot, the grossest not-a-compliment ever. “Thinks hes hot snot” but he’s not? That doesn’t compute.

    Thanks to Martin for the interesting aside.

  4. Been listening for a while now. I like the content just the way it is. It’s not everyone’s brand, but it’s life and it’s real. I’ll take that over gym bro and ab boy any day.

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