Planning 2022

I’ve been planning the year.

Fencing work is going along.

I’ve been thinking about raising broiler chickens. How many should we raise? Feeding 30 is nary more work than feeding 10. Feeding 60 is nary more work than feeding 60. I texted a bunch of people and inside an hour I presold 196 broiler chickens @ $5/pound.

The price isn’t where I want it, but I’m too new to this game to get tip top dollar.

I got commitments for nearly 200 in about an hour. I reckon I COULD sell double that pretty easily, but don’t want to jump in for 400 broilers my first season.

I’m going to build three Salatin broiler shelters. That’ll do.

By the end of the fall I hope to have the place plumbed for watering stations, fence. Chickens in broiler shelters, 30+ bee hives, 40 more pecan trees in, and expanding blackberry and elderberry plots.

We need to build tool shed for garden and bee stuff.

By then I need to have the big garden (48X105) that is covered with silage tarps now planted in winter garden.

Hopefully I’ll have beeves too. I’m on a list to get what I want.

I spoke to the beekeeping mentor today as well. The oldest daughter and I will be working with him a great deal as well. We are going to ship bees for almond pollination in winter/spring 2023.

Oh, and I don’t have a house. I live in a barn.

I’ve got a lot of work to do.

I’m a mighty slow worker. It seems like I can only get one thing done each day. Service chainsaws? 4 hours. Gather up old fence posts I pulled on the south fence? 5 hours. I’ve got too many irons in the fire. Young adult children, barbell coaching for,, the two podcasts, this, moar. I don’t have a lot of help either. There are some young men that pitch in for day wages from time to time, but there’s more to do than can be done.

So it goes.

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