One way it might go.

An online fren sent this to me:

Scott, you and your fam is invited to our first pig roast after we move to our property. If you like roast pig. I WILL have busch light there just for you.

To which I replied:

Thanks much. Interstate travel will be impossible by then. Gasoline will be $560 USD, or 1/8oz silver.

Highwaymen will be a problem. I’ll have to carry the Ithaca model 37 I used to hunt crows with. Ought buck of course.

The former US will be Balkanized into 14 nation states. Mexico will reannex the territories lost in the Mexican American war.

The frontier between the Cherokee/Choctaw alliance and Missouri will be a hot, no-go zone.

The Cherokee/Choctaw alliance will be on favorable terms with the Lower Mississippi Entente. Arkansans, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

The Cherokee/Choctaw alliance will operate attack helicopters captured from the former Oklahoma National Guard and will make the Red River run red with border runner blood.

The former Kansas will be cleansed and restocked with BIson.

Nebraska is next on the list.

The i-35 bridge over the Red River was dynamited in 2027.

Luke Bryan was lynched when all the New York and LA types were run out of Nashville in late ‘27.

early 2022 the omnibus Green Infrastructure New Deal (GrIND) was passed. Hidden in it was as much as $600 billion of recurring annual expenses.

It also hamstrung all aspects of business.

Unemployment continued to rise.

Supply chains faltering.

Tax revenue further collapsed

Paul Krugman CONTINUED to say we can’t go bankrupt by borrowing from ourselves.

In late spring 2022 China walked into Taiwan. (Unbeknownst to the American news enjoyers, it was welcomed by the people of Taiwan, who are in fact Chinese and were tired of Globo Homo.).

In January 2024 the first T-Bill auction failed.

By late summer federal employees and many state employees were not receiving their paychecks.

In December it was announced that retirement packages for existing retirees and in the future, would be paid out in commodities such as flour, cornmeal, canned goods, etc.

The managerial state collapses as the do nothing C-suckers refused to oppress us for free.

Partition began as citizens realized they were no longer citizens, but members of various nations residing on the continent.

Intra-national migration and Balkan style ethnic fighting intensified and became the main political expression for all of the late ‘20’s.

By the early 30’s new borders began to form. A rump state remains, now named “Acelaka”. Extending from Boston to Alexandria, VA., the rest of the nation splitting among regional and ethnic lines.

In 2051 Neo-NATO is formed. The North American Treaty Organization.

It is formed primarily in order to create a unified military force devoted to hurling the Asian hordes in Kalifornika into the sea.

The Supreme Allied Commander, Neo-NATO, Barron Trump, realizes that our strategy AND tactics must be modeled on the Viet-Cong of last century , and the Tali-Chads of the early 21’s century.

By 2064 China withdraws from the Western Hemisphere.

Neo-NATO is retooled and redirected into removing the mestizo menace in the Southern Hemisphere. Operation reconquista begins in 2068.

New innovations in tactics show that modified guerrilla tactics can be successfully used to take and hold new territory.

These tactics include those created by Quantrill, Mao, Guevara, Marion, and Van Tra. Merging these with technics for colonization and infusing genetics learned from Norse ancestors, the Neo-NATO forces drown the last Mestizo at Tierra Del Fuego in 2146 AD.

Starting in the late 21st century a cry of “Go South Young Man!!” Is heard across North America.

A new pioneer class is born. The conestoga is foregone in favor of the Toyota Hilux. These youngsters from North America move southward joining up with their German brethren in Brazil and Argentina.

They’ve learned lessons since 1603 and Jamestown’s first failure. This time a full TWENTY SEVEN monarchies are formed in the Western Hemisphere.

No “Unions” of states, but free standing, sovereign states with defined frontiers. These new “founding fathers” realize that political conflict is the lot of man and have no utopian ideals. They know that optimism is cowardice.

They know that they will wage wars from time to time. They know that it won’t be peaceful, but they prefer to keep the threats OUTSIDE of their borders rather than inside them or in their governments.

Their governments are nearly impossible to subvert. No bribing elected officials. No stolen elections. Their leaders have to be born into the position and trained for it from infancy.

These new elders know the old playbooks from the so called “dark ages” are best, the dark ages being a largely peaceful era with carefully balanced nation states entering into small scale warfare occasionally, with widespread world war nearly impossible because of the overarching authority of Church, and therefore God, being the final arbiter of international conflict.

Volume II will cover the healing of the 1959 interregnum and restoration of the Church, and destruction of the prottie churches.

Following the fall of the United States of America nuclear weapons were highly sought after.

Warlords, the rump state, and particularly the Choctaw nation expended many resources in obtaining these weapons.

Thankfully, and unsurprisingly, not one of them was a viable weapon. The destruction of the education system from 1933 on, affirmative action, and graft meant that there were ZERO effective maintenance technicians on the government payrolls in North America after 1985.

All institutional knowledge required for a return to the moon, maintaining nuclear warheads, creating vaccines, or making sure handguns on movie sets were not loaded was lost.

Part of Austin, Mexas was destroyed by an occupying Mestizo in a scorched earth retreat from General Trump’s forces. This was by exploding a recovered nuke in an enormous Fuel-Air bomb. The fissile material only served to make this a “dirty bomb” attack.

Again, God’s Providence being with heritage Americans, they sighed a sigh of relief when Austin was destroyed, as that was already part of General Barron Trump’s master plan.

To be continued……………

2 thoughts on “One way it might go.”

  1. “…they prefer to keep the threats OUTSIDE of their borders rather than inside them or in their governments.”

    This goes well with Plato’s “Laws,” which I just started into: “War is of two kinds – one which is universally called civil war, and is, as we were just now saying, of all wars the worst; the other, as we should all admit, in which we fall out with other nations who are of a different race, is a far milder form of warfare.”

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