One of my many biases

One of my biases is in my hatred of institutions.

Many of you have heard me say, “The institution you trust has already betrayed you.” I believe that.

This belief, which I have much evidence for, informs much of what I do, say, write, and think.

The institution will not:

  • protect you
  • uphold your values
  • preserve its ideology
  • maintain its product/service (they don’t make them like they used to. I’m looking at you Vatican II and Redwing.)

I could go on.  Institutions in the West are busted.  Broken.  Managerialism, progressivism, Taylorism, behaviorism, and many other isms have made it impossible to scale an institution beyond 5 critical people without it being corrupt and working contrary to it’s stated mission.

9 thoughts on “One of my many biases”

  1. What is the opposite of Taylorism? A better question might be, what’s a better alternative?

    You mentioned in Telegram that you never wanted to have employees again.
    “But how do you scale (without birthing a giant family)?!”

      1. The motto at the company I work for is, “By the work, one knows the workman.” Jean de La Fontaine
        Its on the back of work shirts. Many people here take it seriously.
        I think its a terrific sentiment.

  2. I was not advocating scaling. I think small is beautiful.
    It sounded to me that you were complaining the isms are at fault for not being able to scale. Then again, you are talking about institutions, not business. I think I made a poor association.

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