College is fuxxored and……

…..your kids jobs are next.

I won’t hyperlink to them because I don’t want to send the traffic.

From the LA Times.

The University of California has slammed the door shut on using any standardized test for admissions decisions, announcing Thursday that faculty could find no alternative exam that would avoid the biased results that led leaders to scrap the SAT last year.

UC Provost Michael Brown declared the end of testing for admissions decisions at a Board of Regents meeting, putting a conclusive end to more than three years of research and debate in the nation’s premier public university system on whether standardized testing does more harm than good when assessing applicants for admission.

“UC will continue to practice test-free admissions now and into the future,” Brown said to the regents, during a discussion about a possible alternative to the SAT and ACT tests.

…… the number of campuses that don’t require test scores for admission has increased to 1,815 today from 1,075 two years ago — in part due to the difficulty of securing appointments for SAT and ACT tests during the pandemic. The share of students who submitted test scores to the Common Application, a consortium of 900 public and private colleges, fell to 43% in the 2020-21 admission season compared with 77% in 2019-20.…..

European style meritocracy is dead. This is but more proof that merit based selection systems are being killed. By and large, people are no longer selected for choice university seats based on merit.

Hiring is no longer based on merit. Promotions are rarely based on merit. You know it’s true. Everyone jokes that “Debbie can’t do her job, she’s management material,” and sure enough she gets a gig in HR, essentially managing everyone.

Do not play this rigged game. Do not send your children into it.

Your children are VERY unlikely to obtain university education based on their own merits.

Once educated, the government and fortune 1,000 companies do not hire or promote based on merit.

To play this game is to relegate yourself to a low caste or second class status.

Don’t play the old game. Build your own.

I’m not saying “Build your own twitter.” I’m saying build your own livelihood. It won’t be easy. You probably won’t be wealthy. Your chances at the good life and fulfillment are infinitely higher though.

Build your own.

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