Please, please know that when you are seeing, hearing, or reading information from ANY news organization, think tank, agency, gubermint employee, etc. you are not dealing with the transmission of information.  The emanation from the “source” is designed to manipulate responses from the public.

Don’t fall for it.


Who cares?  It’s all a manipulation.


Who cares?  There’s no True information conveyed in anything that is said by “public figures.”

Don’t look to play gotcha.  Don’t look for the hypocrisy.  Don’t look for factual errors.  Don’t try to prove them wrong.  Don’t try to debate.  Don’t accuse them of “waffling.”

They don’t F*****G care about any of this.  Every single word and every single message is designed to either manipulate the evil moderate or to demoralize the opponent.

We have to use our own rhetoric.   Good examples include:

  • Having hotter wives
  • Deadlifting more
  • Having kids
  • Making real art
  • Having your own in group preference demonstrated by building culture, cuisine, folkways.
  • Proper Christian iconography

What else?

2 thoughts on “News”

  1. Show others the way. Actually living all these things out and “recruiting,” if you will.

    My wife is hot, I deadlift 600, we have 5 kids, all the art in our house was painted by my grandmother, my wife and I are from the same “community,” I build things, we grow things, Christ is in his proper place in our home – at the top.

    When our kids have friends over, we show them the way things are supposed to be. Divorce is not “ok.” Drugs are not cool. Money is not our master.

    We have dinner just about every night at the table. The lights are on and the blinds are open for the world to see. Everyone driving by at 6:00 can see what it is supposed to look like; the man at the head of the table, his wife by his side, surrounded by their progeny, praying, eating, all without a care about one about the news, the government, the health orders.

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