More observations about midwits

Most midwits believe they are empathetic and see the other person’s point of view because they think their point of view is the only one out there.  If they encounter someone with different opinions they immediately assume that person is just like them but is only misinformed or making a mistake.

The “reasonable” midwit CANNOT put themselves into other people’s place. They can only project.
The midwit is too dumb to understand that other people have an entirely distinct private life and it is unlikely to be anything like their own.  They cannot conceive of other people’s minds, only their own………………………..maybe.

This is why they are pro-immigration, ghey, ZOG, whatever.  It’s because they cannot understand that these other people they support are nothing like them.

This is why they do not know that almost everyone hates their guts, but is only being polite to them.  In fact they are so miserable and boring to talk to that even confrontational me will not engage with them.

This is why when someone finally does something about them, like fire them, throw them out of the non-profit, or whatever, they are utterly dismayed.  They thought they were the best person there and missed EVERY SINGLE CUE that they made nearly everyone miserable.

I could go on but I grow weary.

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