If you’re having trouble with distraction, worry, and care, go operate a big chainsaw all day.

I promise you won’t think about a thing but the work and the saw.

Chainsaw meditation. Total mindfulness.

4 thoughts on “Meditation”

  1. Same with feeding lumber into a planer. Or edge jointing with a hand plane. In fact to be effective with any tool you have to enter the flow state. Chainsaws are psychedelic drugs. They will take you deep into the timberworld. But you must remember where your legs are at all times.

  2. I’ve never thought of it as meditation before, but you are absolutely right. I’ve experienced the same phenomena while heavy barbell training, skiing, hunting, and shooting. I imagine that state can be reached while engaging in any work or activity that requires full attention and concentration, especially is one’s life and limbs are in the line

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