I had to go into town for a nieces birthday this evening.

It was nice to see everyone.

It was nice to head home.

We turned east on the state highway, headed for our place.   East is AWAY from town.  As we drove away from town and topped the highpoint on our stretch of the road we can see for miles and miles.  I love the view from this hilltop when the spring flush is on, or when there’s ice or snow on the ground.   It’s a rural scene made up of cattleland and woods here on the westernmost Ozark mountain foothills.

I do not love this view at night.  It’s ruined by lights.  Security lights everywhere.  Lighting the lot in front of every barn, every front yard, most backyards.   Millions of watts lighting the country side.

These lights make the scene like any other.  It’s a smattering of lights, not a landscape.

On foggy or overcast nights the lights reflect off the fog and clouds, socking us into a claustrophobic sodium light bubble.

People from town always mention how dark it is out here at night and how much they love it.  But they don’t love it.  As soon as anyone moves out here they put out a giant 1,000 watt sodium “security light” to protect them from the dark.

I believe the countryside and the cities will be dark again soon.

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