Let’s Think About the Right, not Conservatism

There’s nothing, or at least very little, left to conserve. As a good friend asks, “what precisely are we trying to preserve?” Not much I say. We need a new right wing ideology, a set of beliefs that guide decision making. Try some of these on.

  • Man is not perfectable. We aren’t progressing towards any perfect end state. We aren’t even changing. Knowing this means that we need a politics that protects man from himself. This means no weed, no porn, no gambling, no no-fault divorces, etc.
  • Governments are never very good. Governments always cause harms. We want to minimize those harms.
  • We’ve been to Wal-Mart. We know that the voting franchise should be limited. In light of recent fraud, perhaps voting should be eliminated. Voting doesn’t seem to perform the function we were told it performs, but it does make normies believe the rulers have a mandate. They do not, and the perception that they do hold a mandate is very harmful.
  • Monarchy is best. Fewer to remove from power if it becomes necessary. The rulers have a property right and familial interest in good government.
  • Free trade ain’t. Ricardo was wrong.
  • Open borders are tantamount to foreign invasion.
  • Free speech is a weapon used to transgress proper authority and norms.
  • America first, above all other nations and interests. The American government exists solely to protect the domestic interests of the American people.
  • Pre-revolution Christianity IS Western culture. The West cannot exist without it, as such it must be protected, promoted, and promulgated. The government promotes several secular religions now, leftist environmentalism, minority worship, scientism, etc., let’s promote proper religion.
  • There is such a thing as objective truth. It can be known. Proper epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, politics, and ethics follow.

  • I’m going to work towards coming up a list of guiding principles with explanations. It’s what’s needed now because Conservatism is dead and has been since birth.
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