Jordan B. Peterson is Controlled Opposition

Jordan B. Peterson is controlled opposition and doesn’t even know it. He was annointed for success because of his centrist, yet progressive views. Popular media portrayed him as conservative, and conservatives being dumb as mashed mice, they believed it.

Here’s one of Dr. Peterson’s recent tweets.

Liberals do not follow JBP, at least not for his pithy advice. Conservatives and particularly impressionable right-leaning young men follow him. In this tweet he advises the conservative to sacrifice the “stolen election narrative.” Whether one believes the election was stolen or not, conservatives and people of the right need to be very concerned with limiting the voting franchise, voting integrity, and general fraud prevention in elections. The “stolen election narrative” is bringing attention from normies to these issues. Now Peterson exhorts us to just drop it.

Liberals will absolutely not turn to Peterson for political strategy, his exhortation to them is a red herring.

He is here to fuxxor the right.

He is not your friend.

He is not an ally.

3 thoughts on “Jordan B. Peterson is Controlled Opposition”

  1. Road to Erudition

    Jordan Peterson had me absolutely convinced that he was going to be a vocal champion for conservatives when he went viral for refusing to go along with legally compelled speech (gender pronouns in his case.) His proclamations about a future full of Canadian gulags also perked up a lot of sleeping non-politicos.

    A bunch of fiascos have definitely confirmed that he is not an ally. I think the Kavanaugh comments on Twitter were pretty brutal and were a watershed moment for him. The pharmaceuticals he got addicted to, which were definitely not meth, didn’t help his case either.

    There is no point being an individual when Rome is burning. The dude is clearly unknowing controlled opposition (he changed drastically the day he got signed by Creative Artists Agency)

  2. When I watch a philosophy video on YouTube and don’t stop it, YouTube selects the next video to watch. When it selects a Jordan Peterson video, which it sometimes does, I think the controlled opposition notion is plausible.

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