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From the Joe Rogan show with James Lindsay.  You can listen to the clip here.


Joe Rogan:  They have to know that they have destroyed their business.

James Lindsay:  They have no credibility left.

Joe: They have to think that, you know, the thing about the 90% drop in their ratings last year, they wanna say that it’s because of scandals.  Because Cuomo and ……..They don’t help.  Two more guys, two more people who got busted being pedophiles. Right? That were on their staff which is f*****g wild. Producers.

James Lindsay: Totally nuts.


James:  It’s that their programming sucks.

Joe: It’s not just that it suck, it’s preposterous.

The discussion goes on and on.

I know what Mr. Rogan is getting at.  The problem is he’s wrong.  They haven’t destroyed their business.  Their business isn’t getting ratings, selling ads, etc.  It’s something entirely different.  Once you understand that you don’t know their final cause, you realize that maybe they aren’t crazy.  Maybe CNN is right on task and on track.

By the way, the woke don’t go broke either.

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  1. I think CNN traded a wide general audience for a dedicated fan base. In my experience the CNN viewership now consists of left leaning baby boomers who leave CNN up on their TVs 24/7. This move did lower CNN’s ratings, but the upside is that the network now has a core viewership that thinks all of CNN’s reporting is uncontested fact. This in turn secures CNNs place as a propaganda outlet for the left wing ruling class, which means it gets to keep existing in spite of the pedos and unethical reporting. A calculated trade was executed: viewership and ad revenue was exchanged for security within the woke ecosystem

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