Is it best to facefag?

The anons call us facefags, us folks who use their real names on the internet.

The anons claim that facefags cannot say the things that need to be said due to the oppressive nature of our fellow citizens.  They are right about this……..

People using anon and sock puppet accounts make it very difficult to find like minded people in the real world.  This is where it matters most.

I know that meming and other internet activity has been important to the faction of the truth, perhaps influencing elections. (pours out red beer for Ricky Vaughan).   But, I believe that most on our side place too much value on internet shitpoasting, and almost no value on real action.

They are afraid.

Afraid they’ll lose their jobs, get attacked, whatever.   They are correct.  All those things will happen.  It’s going to happen anyway.

Meanwhile, take of the mask anon.  Show your face gray man.  We outnumber them, but until you let yourself be known your compatriots will not know we outnumber them and more importantly, our foes will not know.

Shitpoasting ain’t enough lads.

It won’t fix the bums peeing and crapping on your sidewalk.
It won’t fix the shoplifting and smash and grabs.
It won’t fix the tranny stuff at the elementary school library.
It won’t shut up your dumb, functional alcoholic, normielib sister-in-law who ruins holidays.
It won’t help our folks find mates.

And on, and on.

Act dammit.

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