Identifying evil

Look back at the series on evil.
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5. How can I tell when they are lying? More on evil.

How do you know something or someone is evil? Evil being the privation of the good, the evil cannot create. They can only critique, destroy, and harm.

You’ll hear a lot of talk about “change” from the evil. Be not deceived. “Change” is a euphemism for the destruction of existing structures, ways, culture, mores, etc. The call for change is a call for destruction.

Be careful when you see someone has “created” a non-profit or other organization devoted to hard to define ends. These orgs are almost always evil and devoted to heaping harms on mankind. Evil being a deficiency of the good, but some good remaining in all men, these organization people are what my Dad calls “hand-wringing do-gooding c-suckers.” (HWDGCS-ers)Lacking a proper vision of the good, they screw up.

Example. Adoption agencies. The HWDGCS-ers who work there think they are helping these children, and in some ways they are. But what they are really doing is creating a market for the buying and selling of children. Third world-ers feed one child more than the others, the cutest one, plump it up like a farm animal, and “give the child up for adoption.” The adoption agency “shares” some of the “adoption fee” with the biological mother. They call it an adoption fee, I call that “suggested retail price.” The mom get’s wholesale. The adoption agency get’s it’s taste. The evangelical couple get to signal their pathological altruism at church when they bring Samuel, their adopted Haitian “son” to church.

The good would make the best of the situation. Build an orphanage. Staff it with widow ladies and folks whose children are grown, etc. The people at the orphanage would do their best with a difficult situation.

This is how it once was. My grandfather’s parents were both dead by time he was 10. Distant relatives took him in. My father was homeless in adolescence. People in his small town took him in. My wife’s grandfather’s mother died. His father abandoned him. A neighboring family took him in. He later married their daughter.

This is what happened until muh “free-market” found a better way.

Watch out for evil. It can’t build or create. It critiques. It brokers. It destroys. It complains. It is destruction that often partakes in some good, and as such can mascarade as kindness.

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